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Top 5 websites for Free Images

For many, it's an issue that you have to pay for every tool. But in reality, a small startup company can get by with minimal costs if you simply avoid buying pro tariffs or search for free services with decent functionality. I assure you, initially, almost everything can be done for free. Don't pay where you don't have to; you'll still need the money. So, here are 5 excellent services for free presentation design, image searching for posts, logo creation, and more.

Introducing Canva

This can become an indispensable tool for your marketer. In addition to over 1 million free images, premium images are available for just $1. Canva is a very advanced and generous tool that, even in its free versions, allows for the creation of excellent designs for social media posts, marketing and business letters, presentations, logos, and much more. For us at Ubanksy, it's one of the most favorite and frequently demanded tools. And for non-profit organizations, Canva provides all features for free.

Freepik offers a rich collection of over 4 million resources such as photos, vector graphics, icons, and PSDs. The number of Premium materials exceeds 20 million. Search tools allow for the filtering of paid resources, choosing the main color, determining the presence of people in the picture, and many other criteria. Without registration, you can download up to 3 images per day, while with a free account, the limit increases to 10. To use the images without a Premium subscription, you need to reference Freepik.

The Unsplash platform offers more than two million free images. The archive is regularly updated thanks to contributions from many photographers, both amateurs and professionals. All images are available in high resolution, including 4K.

Free Images
The Free Images website provides an archive of over 380,000 free photos and graphic illustrations, divided into 26 main categories. Some images might require permission from the author for use.

For restaurants and coffee shops, the Foodies Feed website is invaluable. It's filled with an abundance of mouth-watering food photos: snacks, beverages, main courses, vegetables, and fruits. While the site might lack the usual categorization, it offers tag-based searching and sorts images by popularity and upload date. In any event, if you need to create vibrant presentations or brochures featuring food, save your time and money on a photographer and use it for free