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Digitalization for Small Business: A Necessity or a Matter of Survival?

The modern world stands on the brink of a new reality, where traditional business methods no longer guarantee success. The amalgamation of market contraction, inflation, long-term impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, and economic downturn presents challenging conditions for small businesses to flourish. The unpredictability of consumer spending and fluctuating demand can significantly disrupt their operations.

In this context, digitalization emerges as a pivotal solution. The pandemic affirmed that businesses not transitioning to the digital realm faced a genuine threat to their existence. Simultaneously, moving to digital platforms isn't merely about creating a website. It's an investment of time, effort, and resources into development, optimization, and online promotion.

Recognizing the challenges and barriers in this journey, the Ubanksy team devised an innovative solution - the iLocal app, a kind of "Tinder for business." This tool offers small businesses the chance to integrate swiftly into the digital domain without significant expenditure. The app's simple and intuitive interface allows even those far removed from technology to effortlessly set up companies and engage with customers online.

For communities in depressed regions, where local businesses remain unnoticed, such a move could be revolutionary. Going online gives them an opportunity to make their presence felt, attract new clientele, and broaden their business horizons.

In an era of profound changes and uncertainty, digitalization is no longer just a "good idea" for small businesses - it's a matter of their future and, potentially, survival.

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