About us

Ubanksy is an American company with a team of specialists from various countries. Drawing on years of experience managing marketing teams, launching, and promoting startups across different sectors and countries worldwide, we've accumulated deep expertise and understanding of promotional tactics with limited resources.
We are driven by the concept of "budget-less marketing," recognizing that large corporations thrive by pouring substantial amounts into digital marketing. Local companies can't compete in such fierce rivalry, hence they must seek alternative promotion channels, focusing on consumer values, employing content marketing and event marketing, and learning to build long-term trustful relationships with clients.

Our mission:
To address the challenges faced by small businesses and distressed communities, uBanksy has established a directive centered on fostering the growth of micro and small enterprises within the USA, with a particular emphasis on underserved areas. By introducing streamlined digital solutions, our strategic goal is to seamlessly integrate these businesses into the digital landscape, optimize their online marketing efforts, and ensure they stay attuned to the ever-changing digital environment. In line with this, our endeavors are geared towards fortifying the stability and market edge of these firms in unpredictable climates, while also enhancing B2B collaboration via cluster methodologies. A secondary objective involves elevating the recognition of regional products and events, consistently aligning with the tenets of sustainable development initiatives.

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